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We are targeting villages not only in remote areas, but also those that are hard to access. Most of the villages that are mostly inaccessible are those in the Northern region of Thailand, as this area is mountainous and are hardly with any substantial infrastructure. Paths leading to these villages are usually mud and soil, reachable by 4 wheel trucks and motorcycles. However, these can become totally inaccessible during the rainy season. Not only this, there are also some villages that even trucks and motorcycles are not able to pass through. The only possible mode of transportation is by foot.

The mentioned area covers the provinces of:

  • Chiangmai

  • Chiangrai

  • Tak

  • Mae Hongson

  • Prae

  • Naan


However, we also focus on other regions than the Northern villages since there are also other villages that albeit their reachable location, have to risk travelling to town to see doctors because of local political conflict. This will normally make their journey to town not just inconvenient but dangerous and sometimes life threatening. These are the villages in the 3 provinces of the South of Thailand:

  • Yala

  • Naradhivas

  • Pattani

Other areas include villages in The Northeastern part as well as those in the West. The villages in the North East are sometimes very poor and  cannot afford to travel to see doctors while the latter are located in dense jungle near the border of Myanmar which is also a dangerous area. 

We aim at distributing our Jungle Boxes to 100 villages, with the help of our friends, who are either experienced in the particular areas or are local people there.

Recently, we have also planned to extend our help to areas outside Thailand, such as Myanmar and Nepal.


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