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This was our very first village, and the first Jungle Box we donated. Once we arrived, we started to gather all the equipment required to install the Jungle Box.

First of all, we gathered and greeted a group of villagers along with the village representatives. We taught them how to use and clean the Sawyer filtration system, and also informed them on the importance of clean drinking water.

Next, we located an area in the village to put up the Jungle Box, which had to be an area that the village reps had access to, and in a position that kept it out of the children's reach. We then, with the help of our team and the villagers, successfully hung the Jungle Box in a shaded wall inside the school where the teachers usually stayed. After this, in order to ensure safe usage of the Box, we taught the village reps how to use the manuals: including the medicine manuals, equipment manuals, Sawyer filtration system manuals, and flash-flood manuals. Lastly, we gave them the collapsible box and introduced them to the different types of equipment stored within.

In a nutshell, our first village was a success, and despite certain delays in organising the installation, we discovered that - with each village we donated to - we as a team became more experienced and efficient.

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