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Our latest Jungle boxes went to five riskiest villages in Village1-5 Baan Ghuyi Tapor-yoh Yee-ngor district, Naradhivas province, which is one of the three provinces suffering from frequent terrorism. Villages are accessible yet roads are full of danger from bombs and ambushes. As a result, villagers are afraid to go to hospitals if not necessary and are physically stuck in their areas. We could only ask our friend K Warattada, who was accompanied by a group of Navy seals to distribute the medicine sets for us to those village reps. (We could not reach tho de villages as it was too risky.)

The village reps were so happy to receive our Jungle Boxes as they have never had a complete set of medicines and equipment before.

Nothing is worth our efforts more than knowing someone’s life will be better... ❤️

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