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As everybody knows that the massive wildfire in Chiangmai and other areas In the north like Chiangrai and Mae Hong Son in early April, 2019 has caused serious air pollution with PM 2.5 shooting up as high as AQI 400-800 ug/m3. We the Jungle Box Project have seen an urge to do something and thus decided to raise fund for this ad hoc support to help with the purchase of air blowers to build natural fire barricade/firebreaks. We also sent N95 masks to be distributed to people through local hospitals and university as follows: Mae Sariang Hospital(300 masks), Sop moei Hospital (200 masks), Pang Mapaah Hospital (500 masks), Chiangmai Uni(300 masks), Khunyuam Hospital (200 masks) and Mae La Noi Hospital (200 masks)

Total fund raised is THB 78,000 or USD 2,438. Impact from this fundraising on people is around 1 ,700 people counting from our protective masks but it is not easily estimated as making natural firebreaks to help stopping the fire has benefited people as many as the whole areas affected!

We would like to thank every generous heart for giving the northern people protection and support again such unavoidable disaster. Big thanks from our ❤️! Wildfire Photo credit: Rao ruk Doi Luang Chiangdao page

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