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the medicine boxes

Our medicine box set  is tailor-made to accommodate our purpose for the 'jungle' 


The medication box set consists of :

  • The Jungle Box

  • A Collapsible Box

  • A String Bag


Ironically, the final design of the Jungle Box bears zero resemblance to a box - rather, it takes the form of a thin cloth folder which folds out on both sides to reveal a set of plastic pouches for holding medication. Each pouch is numbered in correspondence with its medication within the manual.

Our final design is the product of countless design-related obstacles — even the most minute of details could have a significant impact on the final design and the practicality of the box. To ensure that the villages receiving the box benefit as much as possible from the Jungle Box, we have designed the box to maximize its practical utility and its user-friendliness.


In the development of the Jungle Box, we have considered the following:

  • Portability

  • Accommodation

  • Durability



The journey to most villages is often one that can not be done by car or any other means of engine; therefore, these villages rely on resources sent by foot. And, as one may expect, journeys in the midst of a tropical rain-forest in Thailand are hot, humid, and muddy - potentially damaging to the box and the medication. To make this transportation process as convenient as possible, we considered two main factors that would affect the portability of the box: Shape and Weight.


With the amount of medication and equipment to be put into the box, we found that the empty box would be most conveniently transported as a compact, slim folder. The folder has dimensions of 90 x 65 centimeters when folded/closed, with a thickness of about 3-5 centimeters. When unfolded/open, the folder has a maximum length of 180 centimeters and maximum width of 130 centimeters, with a thickness of 1-2 centimeters. This size allows for the folder to be carried between the arms, or tied onto the back of a backpack.

The folder is made out of hard cloth and on its own weighs 300-500 grams.




In order to accommodate the villagers' houses, we needed to consider how heavy it would be (a point already mentioned in Portability). Since the box needs to be hung from a wall; in order to keep the medication out children's reach, we have carefully considered improvements for the box's design. We did not know how large the box could be, since each village has houses that vary in size. Therefore, we attempted to make the box as small as possible. As a result - we decided to decrease the amount of medication within the box and to eliminate the downward flaps the box originally had, so that the box could hang on the walls without tearing down the structures of villagers' homes (as most villagers do not have very sturdy panelling in their homes.)




Lastly, to ensure that the Jungle Box serves its purpose for as long as it can, we designed it to last. The box is made almost completely out of hard/tough cloth, allowing for not only a strong structure capable of carrying its required load, but also for a lightweight structure with little load when transported as an empty folder. This ensures that it will, unlike any conventional medicine cabinet, last in the harsh conditions of remote areas, supplying the villages with a reliable source of health.


Along with the Jungle Box, we also provide villagers with a collapsible box. We have decided to include this as there are several medicines and equipment that must be stored separately. The box will carry equipment and glass bottles that are too heavy to be carried within the Jungle Box - as the Jungle Box needs to be hung from the walls and may tear down the structure of their houses. Not only this, children's medication - medicines and some equipment designed for children - is separated into this collapsible box as well. We chose to use this collapsible box as it is portable, easy to use and also lightweight; useful as we will have to carry these boxes by foot into the villages.


- First aid kit (L)

- Kid Medicine (S)

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