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In addition to providing medication, The Jungle Box Project also aims at promoting a healthy lifestyle and a better quality of life for the villagers.

First of all, we focused on ensuring that the villagers had a source of safe and clean drinking water - as polluted or dirty water has been shown to be a large contributing factor of fatalities and has been proven to be the breeding ground for diseases such as cholera and typhoid. To do this,​ we provided them with a water filtration system and taught the villagers how to use the machine to obtain the clean drinking water, along with how to clean the filtration machine.

Other than that, we have also provided manuals that advise villagers on carrying out routine health checkups and basic medical care. Additionally, we addressed problems that were seemingly prevalent in Thailand in the form of posters. These issues included obesity and the problems of an imbalanced diet, but also more severe issues such as smoking and alcohol consumption.

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